SW2D (Shallow Water 2D) is a C++ software dedicated to shallow water modeling, including upscaling features such as porosity modeling.
The software can be installed thanks to dedicated binary files provided for Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems. SW2D contains a numerical solver that can be used in command line and/or a graphic user interface in which numerical simulations can be configured, run and plotted.



Vincent Guinot, Antoine Rousseau


Joao Caldas, Joseph Kahn, Carole Delenne, Pascal Finaud-Guyot

Developer team

Inria Lemon and SED teams

Written in


Supported OS

Linux, Mac OS, Windows

The software provides the following main functionalities :
  • Shallow Water flows: finite volumes, unstructured mesh, HLLC Riemann solver, explicit, adaptive time-stepping.
  • Porosity: single, dual integral prosity (DIP), depth dependant porosity (DDP).

For examples illustrating those functionalities, see the Videos section.

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